Autocom 3.5mm Stereo Isolation Lead

Part #: 4004

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Stereo isolation adapter for a bike powered audio device such as a GPS, iPod or Satellite Radio.

Autocom 4004 3.5mm Stereo Isolation Lead

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Use the Autocom 4004 to connect a stereo bike-powered audio device like a stereo GPS, MP3 player or iPod, to a bike-powered Autocom system.

Commonly referred to as a ground loop isolation adapter, the 4004 eliminates hum and alternator whine between two bike powered devices. It's not necessary to use an isolation adapter if either the audio device or the Autocom hub - like the Logic hub, is powered with internal batteries, rather than bike power.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Autocom
Part # 4004
Brand Autocom
Product Categories Audio & Communication, GPS & Navigation

The 4004 is suitable for an audio device that has one-way audio OUTPUT. The 4004 is not suitable to connect a stereo mobile phone if you want to use the mobile phone for phone calls, as well as stereo music.

A phone call requires two-way audio, and the 4004 passes audio only from the audio device, and not audio from the Autocom microphone to the device.

A practical way to connect a stereo mobile phone, like an Adroid, iPhone or BlackBerry is with the Autocom BTM-02A, Stereo Bluetooth Module.

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  • 2m (79") overall length
  • 3.5mm (1/8") right angle, gold plated stereo male plugs
  • One piece molded construction insures simple, plug-and-play installation
Technical Features

When an audio device like an MP3 player or satellite radio and an Autocom hub are connected to a common motorcycle ground through different paths (ie. the power lead and the grounded audio lead that would connect the two audio device and the Autocom hub together), a ground loop will occur. Electrical currents will flow through these multiple paths and develop voltages which can cause damage to the Autocom or the audio device, as well as causing noise, hum or alternator whine.

To prevent ground loops, all audio signal grounds need to go to one common point, which is entirely impractical on a bike's audio system, since multiple devices are involved. If the Autocom was integrated with the audio device in a single unit, ground loops could be eliminated as part of the overall electrical design. Since multiple devices and multiple grounding points cannot be avoided, the audio signal grounds on one end must be isolated from the other.

The 4004 isolation lead will protect both the audio device, as well as the Autocom hub, and provide a noise-free audio signal into the Autocom headsets.

  • Suitable for use with all current and previous generation Autocom communication hubs.
  • May be used with non-Autocom brand audio systems requiring ground loop isolation and 3.5mm (1/8") male plugs at both ends
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