PDM60 Digital Power Distribution Panel with USB Programming Cable

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State of the art digital circuit breaker module protects all of your electrical gadgets without fuses. Easy and fast installation!

Rowe PDM60 Digital Power Distribution & Circuit Breaker Panel

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  • Rowe PDM60 Digital Power Distribution & Circuit Breaker Panel
  • Rowe PDM60 Front View
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  • Rowe PDM60 on BMW K1600GTL - below 'tank' on right side of the bike
  • we PDM60 on BMW K1600GTL - below 'tank' on right side of the bike


The future of power management……….. is here!!!

The old methods of power distribution have gone the way of the manual typewriter; they're ancient technology. With the new PDM60, blown fuses, tangled wiring, overloaded circuits, and CanBus related power interruptions are a thing of the past.

The unit is simple. It’s simple to install, simple to use, and simple to own. It’s designed to connect directly to your vehicle's battery, with its activation trigger wire connected to any key switch activated power source (i.e. taillight circuit, headlight circuit, etc.) on your bike. When you turn your ignition key, the PDM60 comes to life. The PDM60 delivers and monitors power, and provides protection, to all of your aftermarket electrical and electronic devices.      

Rocket Moto is excited to offer the USA designed and manufactured PDM60 electronic circuit breaker system. We think the PDM60 is light years ahead of conventional fuse panels. With enough oomph to handle a full 60 Amps of power-hungry electrical gadgets, the PDM60 does away with fuses entirely. Super bright LED indicators on the PDM60 keep you informed on the status of each circuit. The lights are green when a circuit is active and operating properly, yellow when a circuit is inactive or unused.  If a circuit is shorted, or exceeds the rated power capacity, the PDM's digital microprocessor automatically disables that circuit, and illuminates a RED LED to indicate a fault. Once the fault is remedied, a quick power-off of the PDM60, and power-on, and the circuit is reset again for immediate use. Even the main power lead to the battery is digitally protected!

The PDM60 is *completely* sealed in epoxy and is resistant to weather and moisture, mud, snow and slop. The PDM60's have been submerged for hours without failure - it's all in a day's work for the PDM60!

From the factory, the PDM60 is programmed with two 10Amp circuits, two 15Amp circuits and two 5Amp circuits. End-user programming can also enable a ground activated trigger wire, that will send power to one or more designated circuits - like auxilliary lights, when the trigger wire is connected to ground. This can eliminate the need for a power switching relay, for high current draw accessories. Additionally, one circuit is programmable for a maximum of 20Amps, intermittent duty only, primarily intended to accommodate Stebel Nautilus Compact air horns, or similar.

This latest version PDM60 includes a special USB cable, that lets you easily program the options for each circuit with a Windows computer. The PDM60 dashboard software is downloadable. We also offer the programming cable as an accessory, if your PDM60 was purchased prior to May 2013. All PDM60 Version 2 units are programmable, but earlier units may require a firmware update to enable the USB cable option. Units purchased prior to February 2013, will definitely require the update, and we will perform the update at no cost other than postage, when you purchase a programming cable from us, regardless of where the PDM60 was purchased, originally.

The PDM's compact size enables easy, fast installation on bikes, ATV's, snowmobiles and custom cars that have very limited space. Under the seat, inside a fairing, behind a bumper, inside a fender - all are possible thanks to the PDM60's rugged, sealed construction. No screw terminals or lugs to mess with - each circuit has a color coded 16 Gauge lead for super easy connections.

We love the PDM60, and you will too! It's one of the best farkles that you can add to your bike. Do away with all of those individual fuses and zillions of connections on your bike's battery terminals. PDM60... Easy, Fast, Reliable and built to last. What's not to like?

Additional Information

Manufacturer Rowe Electronics
Part # PDM60
Brand Rowe Electronics
Product Categories Electrical & Wiring Access
  • Fully Solid-State - no relays or fuses!
  • Custom programming available from Rocket Moto
  • 12Volt DC, 60 AMP Maximum total, for 6 Circuits
  • Trigger (ignition) input
  • Always On/Switched/Time-out Circuits
  • LED's provide Self Diagnosis of each circuit
  • Ground Bus
  • Fully insulated, Potted Construction
  • Weather resistant enclosure to IP65 standard
Kit Contents N/A

The Windows dashboard software is downloadable here.

The Programming Instructions are here.

The Installation & Operation Information is here.

The troubleshooting information is here.

Technical Features


    • How big is the PDM60?
      2” high (51mm) x 3” (76mm) wide x .9” (24mm) deep

    • The unit shown has 6 indicator lights for the six circuits, what are those for??
      The LEDs indicate the condition of the circuit. If it’s green, you’re good. If it’s yellow, it’s an inactive or unused circuit. If it’s RED, you’ve had a fault on the circuit, and power has been interrupted.

    • Do you just splice into the wire for each circuit? No terminals?
      No terminals -- GREAT, splice connections -- GREAT (Yes, there is a lead for each circuit that you splice into – no terminals, connectors, etc.; it’s easy)
      Rocket Moto's optional wiring kit makes child's play of the installation, too!

    • Do I need to fuse the main power line from the battery?
      A fuse in the power wire is not required, and would yield no additional benefit or protection. The PDM60 is a self monitoring digital fuse/breaker, itself.

    • What's the two-pin SAE connector for?
      The SAE connector is for connecting a battery tender to keeo the bike's battery topped up during storage. This connection is only suitable for a standard-type  battery charger to be utilized with a sealed lead acid, gel or AGM battery. It is not to be used if a Shorai, Ballistic or other Lithium Iron (LiFePo4) battery is installed in the vehicle; these batteries require special chargers.  **Update January 2013: The SAE battery tender connector has been discontinued. All PDM60's from this date forward, will not include the 2pin SAE battery tender connector.

    • Can I use the SAE connector to power an 'always on' device?
      You can use the SAE connector to power a device with an absolute maximum of 2AMPs. This connector is intended as an input for a Battery Tender for charging the vehicle's starter battery, not as an output to power connected devices. The PDM60's internal circuitry for the SAE connector does not function the same as the monitored outputs of the PDM60.

    • 60 Amps total draw?
      That’s right, 60 Amps of power handling capability. Load it up, baby!

    • Is there a large ground wire to the PDM60?
      No - There is a 16AWG ground lead for the PDM60's internals. Your gadgets and accessories, being powered should be grounded to the chassis/frame or negative battery terminal of the vehicle. Power does not flow back through the unit… only out.

    • Is there a warranty on the PDM60?
      Yes, there is a one-year of in-service usage, full warranty. These units have been designed and manufactured to provide long term, rock solid service in all riding conditions. You can get it wet, muddy, icy, covered in dust and sand…… and it will still perform effectively; that’s the guarantee.

    • If a circuit is shorted and interrupted, when does it reset back to on?
      You just power down, and back up, and it’s reset.

    • With CANBus, if I hook the ignition trigger to the low beam headlamp it will not come on until after the bike is reset and running which is great. But, do all 6 circuits pop on at once for one large load, or do you start them incrementally?
      In the factory configuration, all the circuits have a 6 second activation delay programmed in. This allows for all of the available power to be used for starting the bike. Then the PDM60 goes live after chosen delayed-on timer. It has a ground activated trigger wire, that can be disabled so it operates like all of the other circuits, or you can simply ground the circuit trigger wire and it will activate like all of the other circuits. All settings are end-user programmable, of course.

      Keep in mind that on bikes with a dual filament headlamp bulb, like an H4, the low beam will switch off when the high beam is turned on. That would cut the power to the PDM60's ignition trigger. It's better to use a running light or accessory terminal for the PDM60's ignition trigger lead.

    • I've used a conventional fuse panel before, and they are a challenge due to their size and the possibility of shorts to the circuit board. If this is sealed will that make for an easier install? 
      The PDM60 is completely sealed, and would survive the Baja 1000 powering lights, GPS's, communication systems etc. We mean sealed completely! We’ve SUBMERGED the PDM60 for hours without failure; it’s rock solid – Mud, Dirt, Rain, Snow; it’s all in a day’s work for the PDM60 -  the abuse won’t hurt it one bit!

    • What if I have a gadget that draws more than 15Amps?
      Two options here... One circuit is programmable for a maximum of 20Amps, intermittent duty only, primarily intended to accommodate Stebel Nautilus Compact air horns, or similar. Or you can run a 'parallel circuit'. You utilize two of the circuits (i.e. two 15A circuits (=30A), or two 5A circuits (=10A) to power your device. You just connect two PDM-60 circuit 'hot' leads to your device's power lead, ground your device to the frame or other suitable ground point, and you’re up and running, fully protected.

    • I heard that there's a new version of the PDM60 that is end-user programmable. What's the story?
      Correct - these are the newest PDM60's that include the USB Programming Cable. This cable, along with downloadable, Windows dashboard software, affords a rider the ability to easily program the PDM60 to his or her preferences. All PDM60 V2's are dealer programmable, but units shipped prior to late February 2013 would require the unit to be returned to Rocket Moto for a firmware update to enable the end-user USB cable programming option. Rocket Moto will offer the firmware update at no cost to riders that have previously purchased units. Shipping costs to and from Rocket Moto are not included.

Fits Motorcycles, ATV's, PWC's, Boats, Snowmobiles, Custom Cars and more!

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